Session 7

The North American Sports Model


The purpose of this session is to gain a better understanding of the organisation of sport in North America. The idea is to analyse the organisation of professional sport in North America and to understand the context of the emergence of major leagues, their principles, their regulatory tools and their relationship with their environment.

During this session, you will notably broaden your knowledge of:

  • the economic and regulatory structure used to achieve competitive balance and financial stability in the four major North American professional sport leagues;
  • labour market regulation: player salary regulation (e.g. wage caps and the luxury tax) and player recruitment regulation (e.g. the player draft system);
  • the revenue sharing system;
  • the use of a collective bargaining agreement as a key element of regulation; and
  • the tools used to promote gender equality and to fight against discrimination.

Sunil Gulati
Former President, United States Soccer Federation and Senior Lecturer, Columbia University
MESGO Speaker

“One of the nine weeks of the MESGO is held in New York City, and the participants spend valuable time with the various major league sports. This high-level interaction between senior sports practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic provides a fascinating and unique opportunity to compare the European and North American sports models, where both sides still have so much to learn from each other. The MESGO week in the USA also reflects the truly international, indeed global, nature of modern professional sport.”