Session 8

Leadership and Innovation


The goal of this session is to raise awareness of the need to take innovation into consideration, and to demonstrate that innovation is not only about using technologies or digital transformation, but must be a general process that structures the management of the organisation and its strategic development, and links it with the skill set needed by those in leadership positions in the sports industry.

During this session, you will notably broaden your knowledge of:

  • future technologies and the way they will affect sport activities and sport governance;
  • the innovation mindset led by start-ups active in the sports industry;
  • disruption and change management;
  • innovation management and leadership; and
  • ethics and innovation.

Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi
Managing Director, Enterprise for Society Center (E4S), HEC Lausanne – UNIL
MESGO Session Director

“The MESGO is the perfect place to share ideas and best practices as participants have rich
experiences which foster meaningful discussions. Governance is more than ever a central
piece in every strategic reasoning. Using cutting-edge strategic thinking, participants can go beyond their limits and discuss governance as a transversal topic in the sport sector.”