Fifth MESGO session takes place in Paris

The participants were back in Paris for the fifth session of the MESGO, dedicated to Marketing challenges, from 22 to 26 April.

The first part of this session was devoted to the concept of brand and the importance of brands for competitive edge and profitability. Strong sports and non-sports brands were carefully studied, notably with leading speakers from the NBA and Virgin. The session then tackled media rights issues, with representatives from free-to-air and pay-TV as well as rights holders. Sponsorship rights, licensing and merchandising, customer relationship management, ticketing and hospitality, sports image rights and social media were among the other topics debated during the week, with a wide range of high-level speakers representing leading companies such as Warner Bros., Ferrari, CAA Sports and Facebook. MESGO participants also had the opportunity to discuss sponsorship and image rights issues with an Olympic medallist.

This marketing-oriented session was hosted by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Canal Plus, Eurosport, La Croix Catelan and Paris Saint Germain FC at the Parc des Princes.

The participants had the opportunity to watch the two UEFA Champions League semi-finals all together in a festive atmosphere, and to participate in a pleasant and relaxing event to which each of them brought culinary specialities from their home countries.

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