This programme is designed for experienced managers and executives working in:

    • national and international sports federations;
    • clubs, leagues and trade unions;
    • public authorities and not-for-profit organisations; and
    • partner organisations of sports bodies (media organisations, sponsors, etc.).

Soren Simonsen
Søren Simonsen
Head of Development Department, Danish Handball Association
MESGO II Participant

“Attending the MESGO has been a true eye-opener in terms of good governance in European and North American sport. It has also given me a fantastic network of fellow participants and academic partners throughout Europe. The level of speakers on the MESGO is outstanding, and the balance between academic lectures and good examples from real life is really perfect. Finally, I would say that the places where the sessions are held, with lots of visits to top sports venues and sports organisations, is the final argument for choosing the MESGO. It’s a first-class programme.”

Ekaterina Fedyshina
Ekaterina Fedyshina
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Football Union of Russia
MESGO II Participant

“I decided to join the MESGO programme because of the changes currently occurring in the Russian federation’s top management. Regarding the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the objectives are to present a new image of Russia and for people all around the world to discover another side to the country. The MESGO gave me a clear understanding of the things at stake in our restructuring and taught me how to work efficiently through my association. I enjoyed the sessions very much and the speakers’ level of excellence. The learning is directly applicable to my work and the group of participants is very interesting, with very different profiles but the same interests.”

Loic Alves
Loïc Alves
Legal Counsel, European Handball Association
MESGO IV Participant

“One of MESGO’s valuable specificity relates to the fact that as a participant one learns as
much in the classroom as he does outside. Every fellow participant could be a speaker and
thus everyone brings along a special expertise and vision. Besides, having the opportunity
through all sessions to spend such a significant amount of time with high profile leaders
also allows to reflect on oneself’s daily tasks but also his/her own organisation and keep
in mind that in sport, every piece of the puzzle is connected. Eventually, even better than a
professional network, MESGO brings you a network of friends.”