Welcome Word

The future of sport requires leaders and decision-makers steeped in the principles of good governance and transparency.

But who will these people be? The Executive Master in Global Sport Governance (MESGO) has already proved to be a crucial catalyst for key decision-makers in the sporting world. It is a source of learning, yes, but also a vehicle for information-sharing, training and personal development. Through a combination of expertise and knowledge exchange, and underpinned by key principles, MESGO has already proven successful in supporting the further development of European and world sport organisations.

So, would you like to be part of a programme that has been at the forefront of taking sport governance forward, defining its future in an open, ambitious and transparent way? One that has enjoyed great success among leading sports executives? One that meets your needs and expectations? MESGO offers an invaluable step to help you rise to the constantly evolving challenges provided by sport and ensuring its good governance.

MESGO’s diverse range of topics are completely in tune with the concerns of sports federations and their partners. I also value the fact that MESGO is being delivered in cooperation with other team sports, as there is much that we can learn from our counterparts.

We at UEFA have given our full support to the programme in the knowledge that it is benefitting not only football, but also sport as a whole. In addition, MESGO provides a perfect example of cooperation between sport and the academic community, with respected universities and research institutions lending their vast expertise in helping to create the foundations and content of the programme.

The impact of MESGO has been immense. Important new benchmarks have been set, careers have been accelerated, and the programme will continue to fulfil an essential role in giving senior managers the tools and competences to develop and further improve sport’s governance – enhancing sport’s overall well-being, unity and credibility at the same time.

This is your chance to be part of it!

Aleksander Čeferin
UEFA President