Session 5

Strategic Marketing

29 April – 3 May 2019

Analyse the importance of a strategic marketing approach to sports properties to create value in the short and long term by assessing:

  • The need for strategic marketing of sport and sports properties with a look at the different steps involved;
  • The definition of a sports brand and how the brand should work across different touch points;
  • The definition and packaging of commercial rights and how they are brought to market, in terms of:
    • Media rights in an era of convergence,
    • Sponsorship rights and latest trends,
    • Merchandising and licensing,
    • Ticketing and hospitality;
  • How to marry the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape with sports promotion and the concept of commercial rights;
  • The use of research and customer insights as the basis for strategic marketing.

Elkhan Mammadov
General Secretary, Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan
MESGO III Participant

“In MESGO, the session related to marketing issues is of particular benefit, since not only does it tackle sponsorship, but you also learn about a wide variety of other commercial activities. In addition, you learn about key elements of a successful strategy, such as branding, fan engagement, digital marketing, marketing research and customer relationship management, to name just a few. In that sense, the MESGO course is unique in helping each participant to achieve their organisational objectives and deliver significant business outcomes.”