Session 1

Context of International Sport

24 – 28 September 2018

Develop an understanding of the institutional and economic operating environment of European and international sport, and define the concepts of governance in the sporting context, the specificity of sport and the European model of sport by assessing:
  • The European sport’s stakeholder universe;
  • The impact of globalisation on the organisation of sport in Europe;
  • The impact of de-regulated markets on competitive balance in European sports;
  • The recent history of state intervention in European sport, notably by the European Union (EU), and its consequences;
  • The role of international sporting federations, including the Olympic movement, and of international regulatory bodies e.g. the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Kenny Jean-Marie
Advisor to the French Prime Minister on youth, sport and associations
MESGO III Participant

“This first MESGO experience was a true dive into the purpose of this master’s programme. It gave us an overview of the institutional framework around sport – which is quite a complex one! The week was a tremendous opportunity to meet people from very different organisations. From the very beginning we all understood that we would have to “think out of the box” and build a strong team spirit: exciting!”