Session 1

Introduction to Global Sport Governance


The purpose of this introductory session is to develop an understanding of the institutional and economic environment in which international sport operates and to define governance concepts in the context of sport specifically, including the European model of sport. This session seeks to explain the fundamental mission and objectives of sport’s governing bodies.

During this session, you will notably broaden your knowledge of:

  • the stakeholder universe in a global sport context;
  • the role of the world, continental and national federations/associations;
  • governance structures, boards and the performance of sports organisations;
  • indicators for better governance; and
  • the impact of globalisation on the organisation of sport.

Kenny Jean-Marie
Chief Members Associations Officer, FIFA
MESGO III Participant

“This first session was the cornerstone of the overall MESGO programme! It gave us an overview of the institutional framework around sports – which is quite a complex one! A tremendous opportunity to meet people from very different organisations and start a patchway building a long-lasting team spirit. From the very beginning we all understood that we would have to “think out of the box”: how exciting!”