Session 2

Governance of Sports Organisations

26 – 30 November 2018

Explain the core mission and objectives of sports governing bodies and elaborate on the various structural forms, corporate governance systems, management decision-making processes and commercial revenue-generating activities through which sports governing bodies operationalise their mission and objectives by assessing:
  • The development and organisation of major international sports governing bodies and of the Olympic movement;
  • The internal governance and administrative structures of sports governing bodies;
  • The organisational structure of event organisers, professional leagues and organisations representing professional players;
  • The organisation of solidarity mechanisms supporting the “grassroots” of the sporting pyramid;
  • The commercial revenue-generating activities of sports governing bodies;
  • The parallel organisational development of non-sports-related non-governmental bodies such as the Red Cross and the United Nations.

Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi
Professor, Faculty of Business & Economics – HEC Lausanne
University of Lausanne – UNIL
MESGO Session Director

“The MESGO is the perfect place to share ideas and best practices as participants have rich experiences which foster meaningful discussions. Governance is more than ever a central piece in every strategic reasoning. Using cutting-edge strategic thinking, participants can go beyond their limits and discuss governance as a transversal topic in the sport sector.”